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Direction chosen

Nov 18, 2016

Is this how we want to be seen?

US elections: Still undecided in Iowa

Nov 02, 2016

Despite numerous visits by candidates, many in crucial swing state struggle to make up their minds in the 11th hour.

Somalia: As stability returns, Fadumo Dayib throws her hat into the election ring

Sep 12, 2016

The story of Samia Omar, the Olympic runner who drowned in the Med

Aug 03, 2016

As the Somali team prepares for Rio, the memory of this 21-year-old – who died trying to find safety and coaching in Europe – looms large

The Trap of International Intervention: How Somaliland Succeeded where Somalia Failed

Jul 13, 2016

Following the 1991 “collapse” of the once-unified countries Somalia and Somaliland, efforts to successfully “rebuild” these two nations have met polarizing results. Whereas the de facto state of Somaliland has achieved a relatively high degree of peace and stability by pursuing forms of localized governance in the absence of a strong central government or external interference, southern Somalia has proved unable to pursue their own, preferred system during its constant battle with international actors eager to “assist” the country in forming a strong, national governance structure. Viewed inaccurately by outsiders as an “ungoverned” area, southern Somalia’s attempts at local, effective, and—most importantly—outside actors have ignored, downplayed, or pushed out legitimate governance. In result, misguided efforts by the international community have unwittingly contributed to Somalia’s insecurity.

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